ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) is a well-known technology that still lacks of flexibility when it comes to authorization and certification procedures. This project looks to simplify the needs in placing in service procedures, thus leading to a cost reduction for both implementation of new subsystems, or new software updates.

The main objective is to provide a baseline-independent testing strategy to facilitate and speed up the ERTMS placing in service by means of virtual tests in a lab to check the functional interoperability of the industrial components of ERTMS: RBCs (trackside), EVCs (on-board), RAMS, functionality and interfaces.

To achieve this the following specific objectives are defined:

  1. Define a test process framework including the optimization of the testing protocols.
  2. Define and develop the laboratory architecture that could contribute to the main objective on reducing on-site testing
  3. Assess the methodology proposed and ensure that it fits the European process for placing in service of CCS components
  4. Dissemination of the results to ensure the success of the project and the awareness of the railway community