ID Deliverable Title Estimated delivery date
D3.1 Lab architecture State of the art analysis 31 Jan 2017
D3.2 Lab architecture specification 30 Apr 2017
D3.3 Description of the project data format 31 Aug 2017
D3.4 FFFIS for the critical interfaces in the distributed lab architecture for remote testing 31 Dec 2017
D3.5 FIS for critical interfaces between the lab architecture and the industrial ETCS products under test OBU and RBC/IXL 28 Feb 2018
D3.6 Guideline for the development  of the communication between RBC and On- board unit through the GSM-R channel in the laboratory environment 28 Feb 2018
D3.7 SW tool to create scenarios 30 Apr 2018
D3.8 SW tool to manage project data 30 Apr 2018
D3.9 SW tool to evaluate automatically the scenario 30 Apr 2018
D3.10 SW tool for FFFIS compliance evaluation 30 Apr 2018 Download
D3.11 Adaptations to new architecture and results of the tests performed with the tool for FFFIS compliance evaluation 30 Jun 2018