Project coordinator: Ineco

It is a Spanish transport consultancy and engineering firm leaders in specialized ERTMS technical consultancy.

In charge of coordinating the project, giving the base to start defining the new test process framework and to disseminate the findings of the Project.


It is the research body of the Spanish Public Works and Transportation Office and holds the laboratory of Railway Interoperability.

CEDEX will lead the work package 3 dealing with the lab architecture, contributing with their wide experience in ERTMS testing.


It is the Spanish Notified Body, focused on promoting and protecting railway as a means of transport.

CETREN will lead the work package 5 dealing with the assessment of the test framework proposed, thanks to their 30 years’ experience in verification, validation and assessment of railways subsystems.


It is the Spanish railway infrastructure manager.

ADIF will provide their wide experience in integration of infrastructure, rolling stock and signaling, as well as carrying out on-site tests.


It is a Certification Entity and Notified Body, established in order to cover the need for regulatory and voluntary certification in the railway field.

Belgorail is specialized in all activities related to verification, control operations, homologation and certification of railway constituents. They will provide their experience in integration and verification testing.


It is a Belgian research centre highly specialized in railway activities.

They will provide their experience in ERTMS testing, with laboratories specialized in EVC, Eurobalise and BTM antennas.

RINA Services

It is the Italian Notified Body, in charge of certification, inspection and testing services and it provides third party independent test services in ETCS, Eurobalise and GSM-R areas.

RINA Services will provide their experience as a Notified Body for all types of subsystems (Infrastructure, Energy, CCS, etc), and, as laboratory, for the conformity tests for ERTMS generic products.


It is the main Spanish railway operator for freight and passenger services.

Renfe will provide their wide experience in compatibility tests with all on-board and trackside suppliers. They will look to contribute as much as possible to reduce in the future the on-site costs.


It is the infrastructure manager and owner of the Italian rail network.

RFI will lead the Work Package 4, carrying out 3 basic demos and collecting its results. Also they will execute a compatibility check between a Spanish HS network against an Italian line with trackside ETCS BL2.

Oltis Group

It is a Czech private group of specialized software companies mainly focused to supply services in the field of information technologies for transport and logistics.

Oltis will contribute with their modem datacenter for testing and contribute to the lab definition architecture and its implementation.

DICEA, SAPIENZA- University of Rome

DICEA is the civil, construction and environmental department of SAPIENZA University.

DICEA will contribute with their experience in rail systems engineering, and in particular in operations and signalling, and in testing railway vehicle-infrastructure interaction / running dynamic behaviour to exploit possible analogies.