Work Packages

The project is coordinated by Ineco and divided in 6 work packages:

Project Coordination: management of the consortium and external coordination (Lead beneficiary: Ineco):

The objective of this work package is to implement appropriate mechanisms to complete the project on-time with the required quality and making the best possible use of available resources.

Test process framework: analyse current situation and taking into account user’s need elaborate a new test process framework including an optimisation of the testing protocols (Lead beneficiary: Ineco)

To define a test process framework that will support the shift of testing from site to lab optimising the test case coverage model and exchange of information.

Lab architecture: define architecture and new modules and interfaces (Lead beneficiary: CEDEX)

Definition of specific lab architecture, based on existing solutions at national level, in coordination with S2R JU member’s participating in S2R-CFM-IP2-01-2015 – Zero on site testing framework.

Implementation of the specific lab architecture defined within this WP.

Demonstration: carry out a demonstration of the feasibility of the architecture and method for test cases proposed (Lead beneficiary: RFI)

The overall objective of WP4 are the following points:

  • to define a demonstration plan and a set of common test specifications
  • to carry out 3 basic demos
  • to collect and analyse test results
  • to draft a test report
  • to prove lab testing capabilities of the architecture and methods proposed in WP2

The core of the test developed in this work is ERTMS but, as stated in the Shift2Rail Master Plan, the IT virtualization platform developed here will be generic and open to support the architecture for test environment and communication (e.g. RBC-RBC, RBC-IXL, IXL-IXL, etc)

Together with its main target, the demonstrator will combine multiple benefits, in particular:

  • Check of the effectiveness of the architecture and related interfaces developed in WP3;
  • Check of the effectiveness of the remote testing approach and specifications to meet the actual expectations of the railway sector;
  • Verification of the repeatability of the results obtained in different independent laboratories;
  • Preliminary check of the compatibility of a Spanish ETCS BL2 On board unit in commercial operation in the Spanish
  • HS network with the trackside with ETCS BL2 installed in an Italian line.
Assessment of the test framework and methodology proposed (Lead beneficiary: CETREN)

The objective of this WP is to assess the test process framework and architecture proposed in WP2 and WP3 and the results achieved in the demonstration in order to use it in the CCS APIS process.

Dissemination: disseminate the findings of the project through workshops, conferences or other dissemination means as well as coordinating with other S2R activities (Lead beneficiary: Ineco)

Dissemination of the findings to achieve maximum awareness in the railway industry by means of this website, linked in, participate in conferences. Also a close coordination with S2R and a collaboration agreement with another project belonging to IP2: X2RAIL-1